Archaeological area of Oliena

Tiscali is a beautiful karst sinkhole between the Valley of Lanaitto in the north and S’Iscala de Surtana in the east. Its peculiarities are the rests of a nuragic village, built between the XV/XIV and IX/VIII centuries b.c., inhabited and renovated during the Roman age (II/I century b.c.). Another peculiarity is its micro-climate that allows the growth of a particular vegetation such as cyclamen, ash tree and terebinth tree. Inside the valley there are numerous archaeological sites, among which , the nuragic village of Sa Sedda ‘e Sos Carros stands out. There are also interesting caves, one of those, the Corbeddu Cave, is famous for being the shelter of a Sardinian bandit. Here, the archaeologists, have found human rests of about 20,000 years ago, the most ancient human rests discoveries of Sardinia. Not too far from the village there is the calcareous karst spring of Su Gologone, became a Natural Monument of Sardinia over the last few decades.


Half day trip.
– Duration: from 09:00 to 13:00
– Visit to the Lanaitho Valley that comprises the archaeological sites of Sa sedda e sos carros, Sa oche cave and Corbeddu Cave
– Price for adults € 40,00 and children from 4 to 12 years old € 35,00
– Entrance Ticket (not included in the tour price): 10,00€ cumulative
– Number minimum of people: 4-6pax