Baronia of Galtelli and Encontrada of Orosei

In 5 steps, we’ll show you two of the most beautiful medieval suburbs of the island. We will accompany you through the small streets of Orosei, between ancient houses and a multitude of churches, to the discovery of the ancient medieval prison and the enchanting court of Sant’Antonio Abate, once a state children’s home, within which we’ll find a pisan tower and some tYpical constructionS called “cumbessias”. We’ll then proceed toward Galtellì, an ancient but well preserved hamlet described in one of the most famous novel of Grazia Deledda, the well-known Sardinian writer who won the Nobel prize. We will visit the old Cathedral, part of the literary landscape, where we can find the Guzzetti Castle, the Malicas park and some of the old Stone Tombs, called “Domus de Janas” literally “HOUSES OF THE FAIRIES”.

– Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes, schedule to confirm
– In the price are included, transport and guide
– Price per person: € 25,00