Mountains over the sea : Cala Luna

Cala Luna is one of the most popular beaches in Sardinia. It can be easily reached with a short trek. Along the path an enchanting landscape can be enjoyed. The trek starts from Cuili di Buchiarta (namely an enclosure for sheep). Through S’Iscale e’ Su Molente we reach CodulaIlune. Arrived at the Codula, the path continues along the bed of a canyon made of pebbles and sand. The local flora consists mainly of Oleanders ( “ Neulache”) , lentisk ( “ Chessa”) and some Black Alders ( “ Alinu”) . The path is then easy and flat and very easy to walk down to the beach. After a break to rest a bit, eat and take a swim, we’ll go back to “S’iscala e s’Arga” and proceed to the cars.

Location: Dorgali – Baunei
Schedule: Departure at 8.30 am from Orosei, return at 17-17.30 pm.
Level of difficulty:E = Excursionists
Length: 7,5 km
Gradient: + 350 m from S’Iscala e’ S’arga
Real duration: 3,5 hours
Equipment: Hiking boots, packed lunch, minimum 2 L of water