Orosei and its old center

Our starting point will be the main square ( piazza del popolo) . From here we’ll start walking through the alleys of the old town to see the main churches and civilian buildings that have been important to its community since the middle ages.
During our tour we’ll stop by and visit the old prison ( important head office during the time of the Sardinian “judicatores” ), the medieval sanctuary of Sant’Antonio Abate and the unusual museum “ Don Nanni Guiso”.
We’ll walk through the narrow streets of the old centre where we can admire its old whitewashed houses once owned by the noble families of the town.


– Duration: 1 hours and 30 minutes, schedule to confirm
– Price per person: € 13,00
– Entrance Ticket to the museum of Don Nanni Guiso: € 4,00 (optional)