The Gorroppu Canyon

A wild nature will welcome you among the impressive walls of one of the greatest canyons in Europe. Gorroppu is a deep fissure dug over the millennia by the waters of the river Flumineddu which flows between the Supramonte of Orgosolo and the Supramonte of Urzulei, which walls are up to 500 meters in height. The bottom of the gorge is covered by great calcareous rocks. The water of the river Flumineddu has performed this job on the limestones originated 190 to 60 million years ago under the level of the sea. The sea origin is also proved by the presence of several fossils as ammonites, fish, algae, etc. Among the several endemic species are the millennia-old specimens of Phillyrea (Phillyrealatifolia) and Yew (Taxusbaccata).
Gorroppu, thanks to its unique microclimate, also houses an extremely rare endemic plant: the Aquilegia nuragica ( a species similar to the Aquilegia vulgaris – the so called columbine ).

Location:Urzulei – Orgosolo
Ticket: 3,50 € admission ticket
Schedule: Departure from Orosei at 8.30 am, and return at around 16.30 pm.
Level of difficulty:E = Excursionists
Length: around 5 km to reach the gorge, more 5 km on the way back. The path is entirely shadowy
Gradient: +300 m
Real duration: 5 hours
Equipment: Hiking boots, packed lunch, minimum 2 L of water